About Me

My name is Shrien Alshabasy and I am currently a graduate student at the State University of New York at New Paltz with an expected graduation date of May 2020. I am a passionate storyteller who believes that the fusion of narrative space and digital tools is a powerful way to deconstruct societal inequalities. My interests are concentrated in removing educational barriers in public school spaces and creating additional opportunities for students struggling with the structure of academia and higher education. 

At the State University of New York at New Paltz, I was able to enter an educational space by working as a Reference Assistant at the Sojourner Truth Library and assisting students with their research. Additionally, one of my most valuable work experiences has been working at the Center for Student Success as a Peer Writing Consultant, where I supported and encouraged students in their writing process. This led me to apply for the Teaching Assistant position at my university, wherein I instruct a class of twenty three freshmen in introductory composition courses. I hope to bring my love of digital tools and storytelling to the classroom in order to make a more engaging and accessible atmosphere. I consider this TA position the launching pad for my career in classrooms, and in the future I would love to bring this microcosmic experience to the macro in engaging with educational nonprofits. 

My experience at the Ford Foundation, the Do Something organization, Penny and Mary and Her Agenda have equipped me with skills in social media marketing and content writing. My internship at the Ford Foundation has helped further develop my skills in video and audio editing as well as  content creation – my research was focused on empowering marginalized communities and exposing current social inequalities. I am efficient in Windows and Mac applications, Microsoft products, Adobe Premiere and Audacity. I can also handle Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. I always jump at the opportunity to combine my love of film and writing to efficiently portray a socially relevant message. 

 My professional goals are to be an advocate, and place myself in spaces that allow me to be most useful in effecting social change through writing or digital storytelling.